The world of PC and online computer gaming is quite intense and saturated with many different kinds of available genres to explore. Most of the PC games originate from earlier styles of games that appeared in the sixties with arcade centres. As computers became more popular and a part of every household it was natural that PC gaming would advance to its current popularity as there is literally something for every gamer or every person who enjoys killing some time every now and then. In fact, while you may not consider yourself a serious gamer, you probably have played at least two or three of the various genres of computer games.

The widest genres of PC games are action, adventure, sports, board and card, and strategy games.  However, given the fact that PC games have diversified and become more advanced most of the plotlines and themes of various games cross over between the genres so it is not uncommon to find that a game you may classify as action is actually found in the adventure category or another similar distinction. If all games fell into these genres this may not be so hard to navigate, but unfortunately it is even more complicated since there are hundreds of subsets that mix and merge for each of these categories.

Among the most common subsets that you can find online standard in most gaming marketplaces are the more individualized subsets that include action and shooter, adventure, arcade and platform, board and card games, children’s,  fighting, music and dancing, puzzle, quiz and trivia, racing, role playing, simulation, sports, and strategy. From this list, it may be hard to figure out where the game you are looking for falls which is why it is useful to know simple guideline facts that may help you narrow your search for a specific game a little more.

For example, action games are usually games that are classified for their need of a high response time and great dexterity. On the other hand, adventure games rely more on the player’s logic and skilful thinking to reach the victory line which is why popular games such as Diner Dash and Build A Lot can fall into both categories, but Diner Dash belongs more in the action format than adventure. There is no easy way to discern which group a game will be under, but the more you play the more familiar you will get with PC gaming formats and navigate your way through the market.